People frequently use the term “probate” to refer to the process of distributing a person’s property after their death.  Probate actually refers to either the Kansas probate code or the act of offering a Last Will and Testament into probate.  Our “Probate” practice area actually refers to the Kansas probate code as the probate code includes many legal matters besides just offering a will to probate.  For example, the Kansas probate code includes many methods of handling property of someone that passes away.  Consider what happens with a person’s property when they pass away without a will, that is covered by the probate code.  The probate code also covers Guardianships and Conservatorships which are processes to address situations where people are no longer able to care for their own wellbeing or finances.  There are many other situations addressed by the Kansas probate code and Nodine Legal handles these situations for you.  You can read more about probate by viewing any of the links under the Probate Areas menu on this page.