Family Law

Family law is a practice area in law dealing with issues relating to families.  This can be matters of child custody, child support, divorce, property separation and more.


For most people, divorce can be difficult.  The continuous fights can be emotionally draining and devastate family bonds for years or even forever.  We prefer to look at divorce as an end to a problem and a new beginning for the family.  In many situations divorce will include children and when a married couple have children they must continue to work together to parent those children until they are all adults at least.  In most cases approaching divorce with the desire and intent to work together and resolve the issues will reduce legal fees and lessen the negative impact on family.  We encourage our clients to focus on their family, if they have children we ask our clients to think about what is best for their children.

Child Custody

Child custody is usually part of either a divorce or a paternity action the first time it is considered in a family.  However, as time progresses, facts change and child custody orders may be able to be modified to more appropriately fit new situations.  When a court is deciding issues of child custody the court will decide where the child will live and when the child will spend time with one parent or another.  Child support is usually impacted by child custody decisions.

Child Support

Child support in Kansas may be established by court order.  When child support is court ordered then it is based on a set of guidelines that offer uniform treatment for parents across the state.  Child support is usually established in a divorce or paternity action and may be modified from time-to-time as the situation changes.