Veterans’ Planning

Our nation’s heroes have special benefits available to them to help pay for nursing home care and, in some situations, living in an assisted living facility. There are special considerations that need to be taken into account for our veterans to protect them and the benefits that they may have available to them and ensure they receive these benefits when and where available.

Surviving Spouses

The Veterans Administration does not limit its benefits only to the veteran, surviving spouses and dependents of veterans can receive benefits as well. For example, if the veteran has passed away, his or her spouse may still qualify to receive assistance with paying for nursing home care or potentially even assisted living when and if the need arises throughout their lifetime.

Accreditation of Facilitators

Unlike Medicaid, not just anyone is allowed to help a veteran complete their application for benefits. The Veterans Administration has a process for people to go through in order to be accredited by the Veterans Administration to help veterans with processing their claims. If someone is helping you with your claim or even offering, you ask them for their accreditation number and look them up.