Medicaid Planning

According to, “Medicaid is the primary payer across the nation for long-term care services.” This is not likely to change anytime in the near future. We design plans for our clients and their families to incorporate the Medicaid system to help meet their financial needs for long-term care (also known as skilled nursing care or nursing home care). While Medicaid does have specific requirements you must meet in order to take advantage of the system, every American currently has the right. You paid in.


The lookback is a period of time Medicaid looks back into the past to see if you have made any transfers of assets for less than fair market value. If Medicaid finds an asset transfer for less than fair market value they will impose a penalty period. The penalty period is a period of time where Medicaid will not pay for your care.


HEY, that is a bad word in this office. If the nursing home or someone else is telling you to spenddown then you need to call us… now, do not wait.

Spenddown is the process of burning through all your assets in order to get Medicaid to start paying for your care. We would like to show you other options to preserve assets and still have Medicaid pay for your care. Call us now.

KanCare: Kansas Medicaid

Every state has its own implementation of Medicaid. In Kansas, our system is called KanCare. KanCare, just like every other state, must follow the federal laws and rules in place but has the ability to make adjustments within the federal framework. This means that from state-to-state there are similarities but there are also differences.