Long Term Care Planning

Long term care planning allows you to save and protect assets from nursing homes and allows you to qualify for assistance through Medicaid or other systems to help pay for your nursing home care. We help our clients become qualified for Medicaid and allow them to save some assets to ensure they are able to leave an inheritance to their children or a charity of their choice instead of losing it all to pay for their care. Let us see if we can help you and your family.

Medicaid Planning

The Medicaid system help people that meet their requirements with paying for long term care such as nursing homes. Our Medicaid Planning services allow us to craft customized plans for you and your family to help ensure you are able to leave an inheritance to your children or a charity of your choosing.

Veterans’ Planning

Our nation’s heroes have special benefits available to them through the Veterans Administration. These special benefits help our veterans, their surviving spouses and dependents. In particular, these benefits help our veterans and their surviving spouses pay for nursing home care and potentially assisted living arrangements.