Family Farm Planning

Family farm planning is a process we undertake to save your family farm from being lost in the event you or your spouse need nursing home care. Kansas Medicaid (KanCare) has rules that regulate how farmland is treated when a farmer and his/her spouse is entering or receiving nursing home care and desires assistance from the Medicaid system.

Income Producing Farms

In the event that the farm is producing income, KanCare (Medicaid) may not require the farmer to sell the farm in order to receive assistance in paying for the nursing home care. Instead of forcing the farmer to sell the land, KanCare (Medicaid) will likely place a lien on the farmland. When the farmer and/or spouse die the land can get drawn into a probate estate and taken by the State to pay for the care the farmer and/or spouse received.

Non-Income Producing Farms

If the farm is not income producing then it will be classified by Medicaid (KanCare) as an available asset. Before the farmer or spouse can qualify for assistance from the State to pay for his/her nursing home care, they will require the farmland to be sold and the funds from the sale used to pay for the nursing home care.