Asset Protection

You have worked throughout your life, saved and acquired items that you value. You may not want to lose these items in the event of some unexpected event. We use strategies and tools to design plans to help protect your assets for when an unexpected event occurs.

Family Asset Protection Trust

Our Family Asset Protection Trust is a special irrevocable trust specifically designed to protect assets during your lifetime from Medicaid and your other creditors or even your predators that you may not even know exist. Further, it acts to protect your lifetime beneficiaries from their creditors or predators they may not even know exist.

Medicaid and Nursing Homes

Did you know that Medicaid is a creditor? Our clients engage us for Medicaid Planning to help them plan to use the services of the Medicaid system. We utilize special trust that are qualified for Medicaid purposes to protect assets from being counted or taken by the Medicaid system.