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From planning for nursing home care to protecting assets from loss to pay for nursing home care and ensuring you can leave a legacy to your children, Nodine Legal is here for you. In Elder Law, we focus on the needs and desires of the client along with their situation to address the issues facing that client usually related to aging. This may be helping them plan to pay for skilled nursing care in the event it is ever needed or possibly protecting something to leave for your children in the event you ever have to pay for nursing home care. These are real problems faced by our clients and we have real solutions. These problems go beyond those which may be solved by basic estate planning and require more advanced strategies and solutions. At Nodine Legal, we listen to you, we design plans around your goals to achieve what you desire.

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Nursing Home Costs of Care

In Home Health Aide

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Assisted Living Facility

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Private Room Skilled Nursing

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*The costs provided are obtained from Genworth as contained in their 2019 Cost of Care Survey.

Rising costs of nursing home care

Last year we reported that according to Genworth’s 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the cost of an assisted living facility in Kansas was $3,950. For a shared room in a skilled nursing facility (nursing home) the cost was $5,201. As you can see, even since last year the costs of care continue to rise. Genworth predicts that by 2029 it will cost $7,562 for a shared room in a nursing home right here in Kansas.

Planning now may allow us to provide you with a better outcome for both you and your family.
Man reviewing nursing home needs

Will I need nursing home care?

Maybe. A recent study¹ done by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services concludes:

Many Americans who survive to age 65 can expect to need and use LTSS–our estimates suggest this will be true for approximately half the population. On average, the projected duration of LTSS need is two years, and the projected use of paid LTSS is one year. The average cost of this care is $138,000. However, a number of people can expect to need LTSS for many years and to have care costs that total hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This may not mean that you will need long-term care services but it does mean that if you do not then the probability is high that someone you are close to will need these types of services. It could be in home services, assisted living or even skilled nursing in a nursing home.

¹ Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Americans: Risks and Financing Research Brief prepared July 1, 2015 and revised February 2016.

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The initial meeting is at no cost to you. We are aware that not every lawyer or law firm in Southeast Kansas offers legal services designed to help families prevent the devastation of the costs of nursing home care. It is not a common service offering in our area. We have eliminated any cost to you for an initial meeting with staff where you can learn about the services we offer and decide if we are right for you.

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How does Nodine Legal help me with nursing home costs?

Examples of nursing home care situations²

Jake and Pam

Jake and Pam are married, each about fifty years old and live in Columbus, Kansas. Jake is a farmer and has acquired some real estate over the years. Pam is a school teacher. They have worked hard all their lives and earned their possessions and savings. Jake and Pam are concerned about the rising costs of nursing home care in Southeast Kansas and both have concerns over what would happen to their life savings if they needed nursing home care. Jake calls Nodine Legal. Jake and Pam meet with staff and obtain information about what Nodine Legal can do that may help them. Jake and Pam engage Nodine Legal and understand that if they run into problems where one or both of them need to go into a nursing home in Columbus or a surrounding area, they will not lose the farmland to pay for the care they need.


Cindy lives in Girard, Kansas and is seventy and her husband passed a few years ago and Cindy’s health has declined to the point she really needs to enter a nursing home in Girard or somewhere close to home so her children can still be there for her. One of her children contacts Nodine Legal and comes with Cindy to meet with our staff. Cindy is provided with information she can review with her child or children to help Cindy and her family understand how Nodine Legal may be able to help them. Cindy engages Nodine Legal and is able to protect some of the savings she has built over the years to make sure her children still receive an inheritance but at the same time can go ahead and utilize the nursing home care she really needs.

² Please be aware these are examples drawn from common situations. These examples do not use actual client names and are intended to demonstrate possible situations but every situation is different and a complete analysis needs completed to determine your options. Plans and results vary based on multiple factors including your goals.

Our Process

For more detailed information on our process, please visit our Long Term Care Planning Process page.