NameLucas J. Nodine
LicensureState of Kansas (since 2008)
U.S. Court for District of Kansas (Since 2008)
Law SchoolWashburn University
Firm PositionManaging Member
Practice AreasElder Law
Estate Planning
Business Law
Real Estate Law
Accreditation and MembershipsElderCounsel Member
NAELA Member
VA Accredited Attorney #40282

From Lucas

I started my career in law as a prosecutor for the Labette County Attorney’s office in 2008.  My transition to elder law was really an unexpected and quite organic process.  After going into full-time private practice in 2014 I began to really research estate planning.  We have managed to grow our estate planning practice considerably since then but I continued finding myself faced with the situation where families were trying to figure out how obtain the skilled nursing care they needed (or may need in the future) for their parents without losing everything.  This was rarely out of financial interest by the child, but the self-interest was usually because they could no longer keep up with the physical and mental demands.  After being faced with that situation a few times, I decided to find the answers.  However, it was not until my own family was faced with such a situation that I really understood the stress of the uncertainty.  More importantly, I finally understood how fundamentally unfair it is for someone that has paid into a system for their entire life to lose everything for which they worked just to receive benefits from that system while the other person down the road does nothing, accomplishes nothing and loses nothing.  To me, that system appeared quite broken, but I was wrong.

While my journey into elder law began back shortly after entering private practice, it was not until I was personally impacted that I experienced how the system was unfair and that I felt the desire to find solution so that I could help everyone involved.  I learned that it was not the system, but my perception of the system that was unfair.  If you come to one of my presentations, you will likely hear me explain that you should never try and get around the system because if you use the laws you will receive the benefits of the system.  The system itself is made to benefit everyone, most people just harbor an unfair perception of the system just as I did.  They just cannot see how to visualize the system in a way that allows for their benefit.  Of those that can see it, even fewer of us can navigate it.

Finally, after many hours of endless research, education and writing… behold that I have the answers.  Knowing the answers is a wonderful feeling, you should come visit us and share in that feeling.


Lucas Nodine started his professional life in information technology running Oswego Internet.

Lucas Nodine obtained his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Business Administration from Pittsburg State University in 2005. He continued his education obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Washburn University in 2008. Lucas returned home to Labette County, Kansas accepting an employment with the Labette County Attorney’s Office in 2008 where he protected his community until his departure for Labette Bank in 2011. Lucas accepted employment with Labette Bank in 2011 where he served as General Counsel providing legal counsel and managing legal activities. In 2012 Lucas started Nodine Legal and departed Labette Bank in 2014 to commit to Nodine Legal on a full-time basis.

Lucas Nodine currently maintains OpenLawOffice an opensource law office management software.