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NameAlan M. Brereton
LicensureState of Kansas (since 2019)
Law SchoolUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
Firm PositionAssociate Attorney
Practice AreasBusiness Law
Real Estate Law
Family Law
Criminal Law

From Alan

Even before starting law school, I began my legal career as an intern in a judicial department in the Eighth Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada as part of my undergraduate degree. During law school, I also worked at another judicial department, the Clark County District Attorney’s office, and the Nevada Attorney General’s office. While there, I grew deeply interested in becoming involved with the legal community as I saw lives change, witnessed the justice system in action, and got a chance to work closely with professionals I greatly admired, and still do.

After law school, I had the chance to work as a judicial law clerk, performing legal research and writing for District Court judges along with the opportunity to have close, in-depth discussions with them—accomplished and seasoned judges and attorneys as well as some of the greatest legal minds I’ve come across. I also had the chance to work as a legal assistant, which enabled me to work more closely with people, get even more experience and even more love for those people I was able to serve.

As time has gone on, I have worked more and more closely with people as individuals, and I have grown to truly love and desire to serve them. What I have learned is that the key is to have love and respect for everyone I serve or with whom I work. I take a personal approach to the practice of law and my make a concerted effort to treat everyone I work with or serve with compassion and respect, as if they were my own family. Most of the time, when it comes time to see an attorney, something unfortunate has happened or is happening in your life. I understand that and believe everyone deserves compassion and dignity, regardless of their life circumstances. It’s my goal to let that compassion permeate everything I do in my work. I give my best in everything I do as an attorney and I treat each situation with the weight and gravity it deserves as well as personal compassion and a desire to give my all to the people who come to our office for help, especially in difficult and trying times.


Alan obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with minor clusters in Spanish and Pre-Law from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2013. He went on to law school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law that same year and graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2016. Alan was able to work as a judicial law clerk in the Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County, Nevada, sitting in Las Vegas. After working there and taking the bar exam, Alan worked as a legal assistant at the Law Offices of Mont E. Tanner in Las Vegas. After receiving a passing score for Kansas, where Alan’s wife grew up for some of her childhood, he decided to obtain employment there and discovered Nodine Legal in Parsons, Kansas. Alan joined Nodine Legal shortly thereafter as a full time Associate Attorney in 2019.