Elder Law

Elder law is a newer area of legal practice and is primarily focused on the issues facing us as we age but also incorporates issues facing those with special needs.  Elder law will frequently include planning for you and your family when long-term care is necessary.  If you did not know, long-term care is usually skilled nursing care provided in a skilled nursing facility (nursing home).  However, long-term care may also include care provided in the home, independent living or assisted living environment.  Skilled nursing care is a growing industry and it is growing because the need is growing.  Consider that people are living longer and as we age our bodies have more difficulties.  These difficulties may be physical or mental but in either situation skilled nursing care is available to provide assistance.

Importance of Elder Law

According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey the monthly cost of care for an assisted living facility in Kansas costs $3,950.  For nursing home care, even if the room is shared with another individual, it costs $5,201.  These are estimates based upon surveys and this information excludes Wichita, Topeka, Manhattan and Lawrence.

Sometimes people believe, or it is really more of a wish, but they think they will not need long-term care.  The chances are very high that you or someone you love will.  According to LongTermCare.gov:

70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives.

Genworth predicts that the same semi-private room in a nursing home that costs $62,415 when they conducted the survey in 2018 will cost $83,881 in 2028. Even if Genworth was wrong and no price increases occurred, that would still be $624,150 for a ten year stay in the nursing home.

Who can actually afford that? Even if you could, how much would you be able to leave to your family? Under these circumstances it should not be surprising that long-term care can devastate a life’s savings and prevent you from leaving anything for your family.

Monthly Cost of Care for Kansas*

Adult Day Health Care


Assisted Living Facility


Nursing Home (Semi-Private Room)


Can You Afford It?

Maybe or maybe not.  Either way, we can help by showing you the options available to pay for your care or the care of your loved one.  There are options to pay for care.  We can customize a long-term care plan for your exact situation.  If you are concerned about paying for long-term care in Southeast Kansas, you should contact us right now.

Our Process


Everyone tells you that you have to sell everything you have and spend all your money before you can get on Medicaid right?  Well, it is a good thing you are here because in most situations there is something that we can do to prevent complete loss.  For example, lets say that there is a widow needing to go into a nursing home, she owns farmland and has some money in the bank.  If you believe what the other people are telling you then she has to sell the farmland and spend all her money to qualify for Medicaid.  In many situations, that is not true.  You and your loved ones should discover the difference and breakthrough to Nodine Legal with situations like this.  We will show you options that those other people may not know exist or may not be capable of delivering to you.

Selecting an Attorney

If you were going to the doctor for heart issues, would you go to a brain surgeon?  You may go to a family practice doctor who would them refer you to a heart doctor, but ultimately you would end up at a doctor that works with people and their hearts.  Attorneys have practice areas as well so, if you need to address issues of aging whether you are the one with the issues or a family member addressing the issues of a loved one, you should seek out an attorney that works with seniors and their families.  We help plan for general estate issues, long-term care, asset protection and so much more.  We consider medical, legal and financial issues that seniors and their families face during the aging process.